About Alex
  Alex Goad found himself at 25 years old, without a diploma, nor any real skills. Depressed, confused, in debt and deeply unhappy, he knew that if he didn’t do something about it soon, this wouldn’t be a passing phase. It would be his life.

Menial, thankless jobs.  Low contribution to others.   Failure to make of himself something he could be proud of.

Failure to sharpen any of his talents or abilities to the point where they would help him materialize his dreams. In short, failure to truly engage with life and make the most of it. Always settling for mediocrity, or anything just one step above.


He stumbled quite by accident upon an obscure corner of the internet where fortunes changed overnight. He discovered that there were some skills that you can learn, pretty much from your mom’s basement, in a matter of months, that are so valuable and so in demand they put you at the top of the income and value creation pyramid. And in a short time, he went from making $13,000 a year to launching a product that made $1,300,000 in 6 days.

But he claims the money is not the best part.

Indeed, he maintains that the greatest blessing of all is that it has transformed his days from depression, emptiness and drudgery to adventure, enthusiasm and excitement.

A curious man with many interests, he could never pick a career, which is probably why he dragged himself into humanities and promptly flunked out twice.

And then meandered between being a clerk, a door to door salesperson, a manual laborer, and other occupations that brought him little joy, income or satisfaction.

Today, more than 10 years have passed since “the discovery”, and not a day goes by that he doesn’t thank his lucky star.

Because of what he calls “the Freedom Equation” he was able to build and lead 3 different multi million dollar businesses, back to back, from 4 continents.

He’s worked in fields that enthrall and excite him. And just that makes it all worthwhile.

Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of people whose lives he’s been able to influence, and the hundreds (if not thousands) who’ve experienced life changing results AND written in to share those results.

true passion

Now his true passion is sharing with other this system whereby he has been able to create for himself a lucrative, fulfilling business, doing the things he loves, in the service of others, from anywhere in the world, and having lots of time left over to enjoy the spoils. What drives him most to this day is helping others avoid what almost became his tragic fate:
  • Living a small, hard and unfulfilling life, far short of the one he now has and believes he was meant for;
  • Getting others who have the drive and desire to be and give their best and share it with the world to reach and grasp it…


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